A Happier, Traditional Farm

Photo by Bao Thao©2017

Spring at GK HAPPY FARM.

GK HAPPY FARM operates more like a traditional farm. We take very few to no short cuts in preparing the soil, seeds and controlling pests. Our teams are committed in aiding every plant from seed to harvest. With just attention and proper care, there you have a beautiful healthy plant that can defend itself from most pests! That's why our produce tastes like quality fine greens. We eliminate the modern way of MASS PRODUCTION and fitted as much varieties as we could into a plot of land. Now that's Real traditional Farming. This traditional method brings back mother nature by our side until harvest to your kitchen. Flowers of all type of vegetables bloom year round, helping bees pollinate naturally which then, also help us offer you the best high quality crisp from nature. Whatever honey and pollination happens at our land, never gets stolen from nature for profit from us. We accept all kinds of wild and honey business bees to help us with the process of natural growth. 
At GK HAPPY FARM, we limit our pesticide as much as possible and use only when pests are present. We do not use pesticide on healthy plants to prevent pests in advance. Our priority of pesticide is all Natural Organic Neem Oil. If the non toxic Neem Oil doesn't work, then we'll move onto using only home gardener's grade pesticide. We avoid and will keep avoiding commercial grade pesticide because they are dangerous and more toxic. 
Keeping earth happier, GK HAPPY FARM no longer support or use wax produce boxes. We switched to using regular recycled material boxes or recycled plastic bags to pack our produces. We are also slowly upgrading from City Power to Solar Power for our water well and personal power usage. 
We take action in helping the California's drought. We eliminated more than 50% of our old sprinkler system to drip system. By upgrading to this amazing system, we've saved over 50% of our normal water usage. Using both traditional farming and modern technologies, we were able to run a more sustainable farm on a 7 acre land right here in Oroville, CA. 

More about us

GK Happy Farm is a small family owned and operated farm located in Oroville, Ca. Our focus is to bring fresher produce to people's kitchen. No produce is fresher than ours! 

We offer a unique traditional farm open to the public. This unique traditional farm attracts nature for natural pollination. Flowers of vegetables and cut flowers bloom almost year round! We carry various popular vegetables, including squash, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, etc. Our farm is smaller, 5 acre in size but produce a vast amount of vegetables that will meet your highest expectations.

Our family is dedicated to harvesting the highest quality vegetables for you so that your family can enjoy all of its benefits throughout the day.

We have the best customer service, produce and prices in town!