About this animal:

Name: Rohans Barb

Color: Vary

Size: 1-3"


Water: Warm

Temperature: Freshwater

Basic Description:

The larger, peaceful Barbs of the genus Dawkinsia are uncommon aquarium fare. When available, they’re “not to be missed”. The fish offered here were sold by the aquarium trade as Teardrop Barbs, which are the Rohan’s Barb, Dawkinsia rohani. They are very similar to (and were once considered the same as) the Filament Barb, Dawkinsia filamentosa (read more at Seriously Fish), and at this juvenile stage they are probably indiscernible, so we are forced to rely on the ID they are furnished with. Rohan’s Barbs are a bit larger, 4 inches as adults. They are active but generally peaceful. Being a riverine species, they would fit well with other active riverine species, and would appreciate current. The images shown here are of juvenile Rohan’s Barbs at around 1.25″-1.5″; see Seriously Fish’s page on the Rohan’s Barb for some adult images. It’s worth noting that Rohan’s Barb is considered Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List; this would be a great freshwater breeding project given their high price and status in the wild.

Rohans Barb