The red ear sunfishes are one of the few that is very hard to train to eat pellet or flake foods. The ones you are receiving are 1-3" where as they have not fully develope the full feed training stages. Your fishes may arrive looking slim or thin because they refuse to eat pellet foods the breeder and we are feeding them. 

The breeder suggest using live feeds such as blood worms or black worms once or twice a week to keep them alive. These live feeds are available throught us, too. When they are hungry, they will try to eat pellets as this is the best way to train them at this time. Gradually lower the amount of live feed and skip one week as you keep training. 

HOWEVER, if your fish is going directly into a pond, your fish should be able to find food such as insects, and other smaller fishes in which you do not need to worry about feeding pellets. 


These red ear sunfishes are farm raised. Although this scary note is placed here, most or some of the smarter red ear sunfishes has already been trained and is willing to eat pellet by the time they get to you. 


***This message does NOT apply to other game fishes. Other game fishes are easily trained and has been trained well before shipped.***

Due to these reasons, We will not consider the thin or slim looking fish to count towards the arrival health of your fish.  



Red Ear Sunfish 1-3"

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