Live Fish




Live Arrival Policy:

(Applies to all Live animal and Plants sold on this official website)

We guarantee that your live animal will arrive alive when you open the box, on-time. Should any DOA (dead on arrival) occurs, the buyer must send a claim to us either by Phone, Email or Message with 3 clear supporting images of the dead animal or plant. Two image with the animal or plant still inside its packaging, unopened on both sides. One image, the animal or plant laid out in a dry surface. If your animal or plant value (by each) is at or over $21.00 then one clear image of the animal's tail chopped off. If plant, then you must chop off the plant in half and, if there is a bulb, the bulb chopped in half.  The team will review the claim and at seller's choice (unless, otherwise), we will issue a refund or replacement to satisfy the transaction. The team reserve the right to ask for more image to support your claim. All claims must be reported to us within 2 hours of the tracking number delivery stamped time. This policy tags along with the return and replacement policy. 

Dry Goods Policy:

All Dry goods are protected. If your item arrives broken or damaged upon arrival, then we will replace or refund the item when returned at Buyer's expense. GK HAPPY FARM will pay for the  return shipping expenses.  Do not just return an item without first contacting us for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. (RMA number). Unused or unopened products can still be returned for any reason. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses. A 15% restocking fee will apply and will be deducted from the refund. GK HAPPY FARM ask that you take an image of the item before returning for insurance because if your item is returned used or opened, then GK HAPPY FARM reserve the right to hold on your item until shipping fees are aid for us to return your item(s). 


Return/Refund Policy:

All live animal or plants are sold as is and sales are final. No returns accepted. You cannot return a live plant or animal. Should in the event that if a refund is accepted, regardless what---All or any shipping fees are not refundable and will be deducted from the refund. 

Replacement Policy:

If a replacement is authorized, then we will cover the replacement shipping expenses. Replacements can only be authorized once. If a replacement is issued, then the first attempt will finalize the order and there is no live arrival or life warranty to all replacements.

Bulk Purchase Live Arrival Policy:

Due to the extreme low price risk GK HAPPY FARM is willing to make to keep bulk buyers happy, GK HAPPY FARM & SMART FISH AQUARIUM will not cover the entire order, unless/otherwise shipped via Overnight. All bulk orders greater than 50 Fish in total, we will cover 50% of the bulk purchase only. For example, if you purchase 100 Fish, only 50 Fish will be covered under the GK HAPPY FARM & SMART FISH AQUARIUM'S LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE POLICY. Unless, otherwise in a written and signed agreement between the buyer and an authorized GK HAPPY FARM Staff that all order is covered. 

Shipping Policy:

We ship all live animal on Mondays and Tuesdays. In rare cases, we may ship on Wednesdays, too. If we did not get to your order the same week, then that means we are backed up with orders and cannot make it to your order. We will ship it the following Monday or Tuesday.

We ship all live plants next day, every day. Some plants may require extra days for handling which may take up to 5 days. 

We ship using USPS Priority Mail 1-3 day for live plants and animals. Some plants may be shipped with USPS First Class Mail. 

We may  in rare cases use USPS Express, UPS Next Day. These options are available, too if the customer need these services. Please contact us BEFORE buying your animal or plant. 

Why do we have these Policy? 

These policy is set forth to protect our customer's trust base and to protect us. The policy listed in this page does not apply to other selling locations such as onsite purchases, or other online websites. The policy listed in this page only apply to purchases of live fish on the original GK HAPPY FARM website unless/otherwise with written notice on a purchase receipt or document signed by an authorized GK HAPPY FARM staff.

By reading and understanding these Live arrival guarantee and Sale Policy, You have read and agreed to all the terms listed in this page prior to making any purchase. When you pay, you are also binding into a contract with GK HAPPY FARM in these terms and condition on this page. Customers are responsible to check if they are allowed to import fishes sold by GK HAPPY FARM into their state. Customers are also responsible for all or any state and federal permits to keep their fishes if required. Customer hold full responsibility of any state or federal importation laws and fines that may arise to customer or to GK HAPPY FARM due to customers lack of homework prior to purchase. 


This page includes Shipping details, and business policy that mentions Returns and refunds. It is the customer's responsibility to read, study, understand and accept all terms in this page prior to making any purchases. When an order is submitted, the buyer is binding in an agreement of the terms listed in this page. These policy and rules are set forth here to protect both the seller and the buyer. Should anyone have any question regarding any terms or condition in this page, please contact customer service. No part of these terms apply to anywhere else in our other selling locations or websites. These terms shall be effective only to this official website only. For sale policy in our other locations or websites, please contact customer service. We reserve the rights to alter, edit, add or remove any terms in this page without notifying anything. Should any terms be altered, the original terms should cover the buyer's original sold transaction and the new terms should apply only to new buyers.