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Adopted in 2017, Small or big businesses can enter into a dropshipping service provided by GK HAPPY FARM.  This online page is designed to better serve our clients starting 2020+. 


Review our rules & Policy to see if it fits your business model. You can always ask to change a policy at anytime. The owners of GK HAPPY FARM will review the request. 


Live Fish Drop Ship Client Updated 12/29/2019


Shipping Info:

We ship Same day and everyday (except holidays or Sunday) for all live plants. We ship Monday-Tuesday for all live fish.  In rare cases, we ship live fishes on Wednesdays. Some Live Fish and Plants require 5-10 business day handling time.  Inform your customers about 5-15 business day handling time (that is for or  includes the time during Wednesday-Sunday).  We do not ship internationally. Only within the United States, except its islands.

Option 1; FLAT RATE Priority Mail by USPS.

  1. Medium box, fits up to 7 fishes less than 4”, or 4 fishes between 2-5”, and 1 or 2 fish between 4-8”.

Client Fee $13.35 (retail $14.35).  Ships Monday and Tuesdays. Rare cases in Wednesdays.

  1. Large box, fits up to 18 fishes less than 3”, or 8 fishes between 2-5”, and 2 or 3 fish between 4-8”.

Client Fee $18.75 (retail $19.95).  Ships Monday and Tuesdays. Rare cases in Wednesdays.


Option 2; Express 1-2 Day Priority Mail by USPS.

  1. Like Medium box size, fits up to 7 fishes less than 4”, or 4 fishes between 2-5”, and 1 or 2 fish between 4-8”.

Ships Monday and Tuesdays. Rare cases in Wednesdays.
Fee Varies by Buy Location.


DOA Policy:

Client required to file a claim within 12 hour of Delivery stamped time. 3 Clear Photo of DOA fish inside unopened bag. If fish value is higher than $21 by each fish then we require 1 image of fish or plant laid flat on a dry surface with tail chopped off. For plants, chopped in half. If there is any Bulbs, then the bulb must be chopped in half, too.



GK HAPPY FARM does not accept returns on all live fish or plants.



GK HAPPY FARM will refund orders if claims are accepted. All or any shipping fees are NOT refundable and will be deducted from the refund.  Unless, otherwise GK HAPPY FARM agreed to provide free shipping. If free shipping is offered, then the entire amount will be refunded.


No exchanges allowed. Replacements will be issued if a claim is accepted for replacements. GK HAPPY FARM will replace the fish at Drop Ship client’s expense. Client is responsible for all shipping fees and packing supplies. The fee will be deducted from partner’s Weekly pay.



GK HAPPY FARM will not process orders until fully paid. We require 1 day in advance to bill your invoice. In some cases, we can fulfill an invoice same day. Best if you send your order to us during Wednesdays-Saturday. We will send you an invoice. Once paid, the order will process Monday-Tuesday. Again, some fish or plant requires a handling time. See Shipping Info. 


Accessories, Shipping and Supplies Fee:

You are responsible for all Shipping Supplies (except USPS Free boxes). Common supplies include; Heat packs, Ice packs, Insulation, and Packing. You are also responsible for all shipping fees unless, otherwise stated by GK HAPPY FARM to provide Free shipping.


Heat packs $2.50                Ice Packs $0.25          Packing $0.19

Insulation: Medium $1.59, Large $1.99

Box: Small $1.50 , Medium $2.25, Large $3.99, All USPS Priority Boxes are free.


Credits & Pay:

Business clients gets paid weekly or every other 2 day. This gives us the chance to chargeback any necessary amounts owed.  Weekly; Client choose which day to get paid and the pay reoccur that day, every week.  We can pay client by Paypal or Check. Checks have a $7 fee deduction. CREDITS: should any DOA claim or any other cases resolved that GK HAPPY FARM OWES the client, then all debts are paid in credits to the client on their reoccurring pay. CREDIT DEDUCTIONS: If the client owes any debt to GK HAPPY FARM, then the credit will be deducted from the reoccuring pay. 



The client is eligible for discounts. The client can post the price as high as they want on their end for their profit. 

Chargebacks: Client is not authorized to do a chargeback. If it happens, the client is responsible to reimburse the chargeback fee and the charged back amount. If a case is resolved unfairly or in error, contact the owner to look into.

Branding: We can brand a client's brand onto whatever they want. Fees apply and varies on what they want printed. If a client refuse branding, then GK HAPPY FARM may put it's branding on the DOA notice cards and any other applicable ads that is the default of our business practices. Even though a client opt into branding, we are not yet to the advancement to change the shipping address. Shipping address will show that it was shipped from a GK HAPPY FARM shipping or receiving location. 


Policy Changes:

GK HAPPY FARM will negotiate to work with clients so that both parties can have a successful flow of business and no loss. We are committed to adapting with the new changes every year. A Client can request to have one or more of the policies above changed to meet their business style. If a client needs a policy to change, then the owner must sign and agree to the terms before any of the policy can change. In order to better serve our clients and to protect both parties from loss, The policies in this document can change anytime without notice. We will  let customers know that we have updated this notice. It is their responsibility to make sure their emails, or mailing address, or contact numbers are up to date to receive the changes. 

After reading and filling out the application, the team will review your application. If approved, then you will be contacted by Email. 

A Link to the new store is not available, yet.