The pigeons are a beautiful bird to have. Kings produce eggs slower, but the economy will reproduce quick. We carry the Small Economy & King Pigeons.

Egg Production: Poor. Approximately 40 eggs a year. 

Common Quail

The Common Quail is a fast reproduction quail. They lay eggs almost everyday, sometimes two eggs in one day if you're a lucky owner. They are usually kept for egg production, but could become a great ornamental pet bird. 

Egg Production: Excellent. Approximately 250-300 eggs a year. 

Muscovy Duck 

The Muscovy Duck is a large duck. They usually do not fly. They come in various colors such as green, brown, white and spangled.  

Egg Production: Poor. Approximately 20-60 eggs a year. 


Guinea Fowls

The Guineas are a loud noisy bird. However, they are perfect for free range controlling snakes, small rodents and bug. They are fast and fly in short distances. 

Egg Production: Poor. Approximately 20-100 eggs a year. 


Mandarin Ducks

The Mandarin Ducks is originated in Asia. They are very similar with the Northern American Wood Duck. They are very beautiful and prefers swampy habitats. 

Egg Production: Poor. Approximately 12-20 eggs a year. 


Pekin Ducks

Pekin Ducks are popular for their meat and egg production. About 90% of duck meat and eggs in Markets are Pekin Ducks. 

Our Pekins, however-each have their own personality and very friendly. Making them suitable for ornamental uses, too. They are easily tamed and prefer to be in a small group. 

Egg Production: Good. Approximately 100-250 eggs a year.