LOCAL, Oroville Grown

We're sorry. No Flowers grown this year due to high electricity cost to operate well pump. 


SALE POLICY, FREE POLICY: GK HAPPY FARM offers free pick up or ship to home using low cost shipping fees. In the event that certain plant or flower is not available at the time, we will use other flowers or plants to sub the original as seen in display image. GK HAPPY FARM does not promise exact product as different flowers grows differently in seasons. All sale is final and as received. GK HAPPY FARM does provide basic guarantee. We will replace or refund the flower if it is delivered damaged or dead. Damage is defined as almost half or half of the flowers are broken and beyond damage. We do not cover a few flower being broken. All or any shipping fees are not refundable. All claims must be filed within 2 hours of delivery stamped time.  FREE FLOWERS are ready in Zinnia season, and only Zinnia flowers may be taken as free flowers. Free zinnia is only available to customers who makes a transaction onsite. There is no minimum as to how much you must spend to be eligible for free zinnia. If one transaction is made by a single family or group member, then the entire group or family members are automatically eligible to pick free zinnia. The limit of how many members of the group or family is 3. Others who want to pick free flowers must make another transaction, too. Each group is limited to 3 measure tube. All flower stem must fit insite the cylinder tube. Any extra flowers must be purchased. If visitors who do not want to make a purchase want some flowers, the flowers must be purchased.